10+ Web Templates Designs with Coffee Aroma


What type of coffee do you prefer?

Hey all coffee fans, addicts, maniacs or whoever you call yourself 🙂 If you ask me, I can probably call myself a coffee addict. The beverage has a really powerful effect on me.

I get out of my bed in the morning with one single thought – “need a cup of double espresso to wake up”. Thank God I have a coffee machine at home, so I put on my slippers and go straight to the kitchen where I can get it. The aroma and the first gulp are divine. Every next gulp brings me to life, helps me to open my eyes, brings a smile on my face, and finally makes my mind work.

Well, after that I’m ready to take a shower, dress up, and drive to the office.

And how do you start your day? Is your morning ritual similar to mine?

How many coffee breaks do you have during the day? I need them every 2 or 3 hours especially when brainstorming with my team. It seems like the most brilliant ideas are born then. Do you agree with me?

Do you know the favorite coffee types of your friends and peers? I guess their tastes can tell a lot about personalities. So what type of coffee do you drink with friends during the day? Macchiato, Ristretto, Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Piccolo Latte, Mocha, Affogato? Leave your comments under this post, I will discuss our mutual coffee obsession with the greatest pleasure 😉

The quickest way of starting a coffee website template

Now, this section is for those who made coffee their business. Do you own a street coffee shop and need to promote it online? I love your way of thinking. Moreover, I am eager to help you make up your mind.

Here in under you will find a compilation of coffee website templates and bootstrap templates that can become a perfect start for your online business.

Why website templates instead of custom designs? Because it’s the quickest, easiest, and the most efficient way of launching a website for now. You don’t need to have any technical skills to customize and personalize a template from a decent provider. Additionally, you see what your future website will look like and what functionality will it have even before paying any money. Not bad, yea? You will also have a team of professional support managers to solve any of your issues with the template should you face them.

In a word, the best way to understand what I am talking of is to view templates demos, read their specifications and make your pick.

The table down below will save some time to those who are in a hurry and know exactly what they want.

Coffee Website Templates Table
Theme’s Name Details Theme’s Price
Coffee Cold Coffee Shop OpenCart Template $67
Coffee Place Coffee Place OpenCart Template $67
Coffeera Coffee Shop Responsive Shopify Theme $119
GrindBean CoffeeShop – Responsive WooCommerce Theme $114
Love Coffee Coffee House OpenCart Template $64
CofiBeans AMP Coffee Shop Magento Theme $179
Coffeera Coffeera VirtueMart Template $139
Coffeera Coffee Shop WooCommerce Theme $114
Coffee Coffee House Shopify Theme $139
Coffee Store Coffee Store WooCommerce Theme $114
Coffee Shop Coffee Shop – Bootstrap Template $10
Coffee House One Page Bootstrap Template $10
Handi A Restaurant HTML Responsive Template $16

Have a nice browsing experience!

The collection of coffee website templates & bootstrap templates

Handi – A Restaurant HTML Responsive Template

Do you serve not only coffee but snacks, gourmet dishes, whatever? This template fits not only for a coffee shop but even a luxury restaurant. It has a very appealing animated homepage. You can upload your own imagery there so that the future visitors could see the restaurant environment and its most delicious dishes. The main menu of the theme is hidden. It slides out from the left side of the screen on hamburger icon click.

Handi - A Restaurant HTML Responsive Template

Details | Demo

Cold – Coffee Shop OpenCart Template

How do you like to drink your coffee? Hot or cold? I think the answer is always “it depends”. It depends on your mood, on the season, the temperature outside, the list goes on. I am sure this template will cater to both hot and hot coffee lovers needs. The theme is based on Bootstrap HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, it is fully responsive, supports multiple currencies and languages, RTL. The template is SEO friendly, optimized for fast loading, and offers a number of other cool features.

Cold - Coffee Shop OpenCart Template

Details | Demo

Coffee House – One Page Bootstrap Template

Some entrepreneurs like multi-page websites and some stick to one-pagers. One page websites lovers – this template is ideal for you. Coffee House One Page Template is built on Bootstrap version 3.2.0. It is delivered with 2 HTML files in HTML-files folder. The first one is HTML (With Effects) and the second – HTML-plain ( Without Effects ). HTML has wow.js animation. HTML-1-plain has no wow.js animation, so you can use your plain if you don’t like the animation on a scroll.

Coffee House - One Page Bootstrap Template

Details | Demo

Watch How To Add A New Content Page And Link It To A New Menu Tab (Based On Bootstrap Templates)

Coffee Place OpenCart Template

Do you have your favorite coffee place? Is it a modern cafe or a cozy retro-style coffee shop? Maybe it depends on your intention – are you going to grab your hot cup of coffee and hurry up to the office or are you going to have a good chat with an old buddy? I believe that the choice depends on the circumstances. As to this particular template, it will give your site visitors the feel of warmth and sweet nostalgia. If these are the feelings you want to evoke, then just choose this template and it won’t disappoint you.

Coffee Place OpenCart Template

Details | Demo

Coffee Shop Responsive Shopify Theme

This Shopify blog template is similar to the cup of your morning espresso. You can hardly find excess details in the Coffeera layout. The author decided to keep the web page clean, minimalist, and clutter-free. The theme is equipped with “Sorting options” among the other features. This one is worth mentioning as it provides online shoppers with multiple display options. For instance, one can opt for a grid or list-based view, sort items by best-selling, display products in alphabetical order, etc.

Coffee Shop Responsive Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

CoffeeShop – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

What do you think about when you see freshly roasted coffee beans? You nearly smell the bracing coffee aroma with your nose and feel its taste in your mouth. It’s a classical idea to place the image of freshly roasted coffee beans on the homepage of your online coffee shop. Commonly recognizable and easily understandable images make your brand message stand out. People like clarity, they want to enter the website and feel at home immediately, so this tactic works. If you are its evangelist, then you should definitely consider using this template.

GrindBean - Coffee Shop WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

Love Coffee – Coffee House OpenCart Template

The heart is a symbol of love. A small heart in the brand logo looks really cute. Coffee lovers will definitely like the sign. It positively proposes site visitors from the very beginning. Brownish colors are commonly used for online coffee stores. Want something less trivial? No problem. Use theme color switcher, change the palette of your site interface with a click. This customization tool will let you keep your site inline with your corporate identity.

Coffee House OpenCart Template

Details | Demo

CofiBeans – AMP Coffee Shop Magento Theme

Have you got used to using only the most advanced technologies? Then this theme is a great option for you. It is AMP ready, so your website will be compelling, smooth, and load near instantaneously for users. Google also loves fast web pages, so your store will have excellent chances to rank high. Google ranking equals to better conversion. Isn’t this the dream of every merchant?

CofiBeans - AMP Coffee Shop Magento Theme

Details | Demo

Coffeera VirtueMart Template

I won’t surprise you if I say that this template was also developed for online coffee stores. What’s special about it? It helps you collect email addresses and build your emails list. How does it do it? Easily. With the help of the “Subscribe to our newsletter” popup. I know that some people find popups annoying, but they are really effective. Moreover, your users will be able to close it easily if they are not interested. I also like thought out website navigation. You can use either main navigation bar or nice banners to find the product or info you are looking for.

coffee shop VirtueMart template

Details | Demo

Coffee Shop WooCommerce Theme

If you want to start a website for your coffee store but think that you lack technical skills, just choose this template and don’t worry. Installation, fine-tuning and maintenance of this theme are being carried out through a user-friendly interface with tons of settings. No coding skills are required. Additionally, the theme is equipped with the live customizer. This tool enables you to view any changes made to your website’s design in action before pushing them live. It will help you avoid mistakes, and eliminate the need to turn on the maintenance mode.

Coffee House WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

Coffee House Shopify Theme

How do you imagine a perfect website for a coffee house? Simple, visually appealing, modern, with transparent elements, legible fonts, intuitive navigation, etc. All these features and many more can be found in this template. I especially like big catchy images and sticky menu. Hate to scroll all the way upwards just to pass to the next page. Fixed position menu completely eliminates this need. You always know where you are and where to click to proceed.

Coffee House Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

Coffee Store WooCommerce Theme

The competition in the coffee market is tough. That is why it is utterly important for a coffee shop not only brew tasty beverages but let customers-to-be easily find its location. This template is equipped with Google Maps plugins, which will lead people to your cafe from any place in the city. Besides, parallax effect will help you create an illusion of depth and perspective on your 2D site. A lazy load effect is also a great option. Your customers don’t need to wait until all your images load, they see the photos within their browser window immediately.

Coffee Shop WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

Coffee Shop – Bootstrap Template

Have you ever noticed that most of the websites in your niche follow a certain design pattern? What will happen if you step away from this pattern? You will draw public attention. Everything that looks different grabs attention. You can use this template and reap your benefit from this phenomenon. Theme’s layout actually consists of the huge image with logo, menu links working hours, social media icons, and a button over it. Minimalism is always in trend. Download this template if you agree with me.

Coffee Shop - Bootstrap Template

Details | Demo

Over to you

That’s it for now. Hope you liked our small chat about coffee. And what about the templates? Are you ready to make your pick? Which template do you like the most? I would be happy to read your thought in the comments. I would also appreciate if you share your coffee preferences. Which type/sort of coffee do you like the most and why?


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