11 Best Free Themes Built with React and Bootstrap

Building a website from scratch is a very time-consuming process. And if you don’t have the right skills, you won’t probably be able to create high-quality designs.

So instead of developing a website from scratch, if you use website themes, you can save a ton of time. There are themes of different kinds available on the Internet.

Depending on the type of website you need built, you have to choose a particular theme. For example, if you want to make a shopping website, you need to choose an eCommerce theme while you have to select an admin dashboard template for making a functional, sophisticated website dashboard. There are also many UI kits that give you website elements such as buttons, sliders, and navbar along with their source code.

This article talks about 11 best free themes built with React and Bootstrap.

Datta Able

Made by CodedThemes, Datta Able is a free React template for an admin dashboard. Developed with React and Redux, this template will allow you to build a high-quality, high-standard admin dashboard. It gives you full support for Bootstrap 4. This template also has a premium version. This is compatible with all the modern web browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11. It includes features such as code splitting, React router, lazy load, high-performance, modern and responsive design, and so on. And it comes with forms, tablets, font icons, and all other basic components.

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Lazy is an awesome free React UI Kit that will help you create stunning user interfaces. This package provides a set of premade UI elements such as buttons, sliders, checkboxes, radio buttons, toggle buttons, input fields with validation, navbars, tables, alerts, cards, and so on. It basically gives you all the essential UI elements with creative designs. Using Lazy, you can quickly create high-quality user interfaces for your website.

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Shards Dashboard Lite React

Shards Dashboard Lite React is a high-quality admin dashboard template made with React, which includes components and custom templates. Creating a rich dashboard will take a ton of time. So you can use this template to save time. This is a fully responsive and performant template with excellent code quality. It looks pretty awesome, stylish, and modern. This template gives you 1500+ stunning icons.

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Shards React

Shards React is a free, exceptionally high-quality React UI kit that gives you nicely designed components, such as sliders, buttons, forms, and so on. Using these UI components, you can quickly finish your frontend development work, and at the same time, your website will look amazing as the UI components look great. This well-documented UI kit is easy to use, and the source files are also available. So you can effortlessly use them in your project.



CoreUI is an amazing free React admin template that gives you great features. This Bootstrap based template is an open-source project, and it also has a premium version. It gives you 100+ high-quality UI components such as cards, tabs, tooltips, progress, popovers, carousel, and so on. It comes with different types of buttons such as standard buttons, brand buttons, and outline buttons. This template gives you many other interesting elements, such as charts and forms.

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Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Developed by Creative Tim, Light Bootstrap Dashboard React is a fascinating, free admin template made with React and Bootstrap. As the name of this theme suggests, this is a lightweight template. This comes under MIT license. You can also upgrade it to pro. So if you want to get more facilities, consider upgrading the template to its premium version.

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Paper Dashboard React

Paper Dashboard React is another great free React Bootstrap template made by Creative Tim. This admin template can be used for creating a high-quality, sophisticated, modern admin dashboard. This is a very lightweight theme. So your dashboard based on this theme will run very smoothly. This template is extremely easy to use and customize. If you possess Bootstrap and React skills, you can effortly make changes in it and enhance it.

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ArchitectUI is simply one of the best React templates available on the Internet. This is a free website template. It also has a premium version. It has been made using modern web technologies such as React, Bootstrap 4, and Webpack. ArchitectUI provides you with 9+ dashboard designs, 150+ components, 200+ layouts, and 10+ premade color schemes. As this is a fully responsive template, your dashboard built with it will look great on all devices, such as mobile, desktop, and tablet.

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React Reduction

React Reduction is a great free admin template with impressive designs. Made with React and Bootstrap 4, this template comes with beautiful charts, cards, widgets, and many useful components. It also includes the basic Google Analytics. If you want to build an amazing dashboard for your app, use React Reduction. It will let you quickly create a powerful dashboard for your app project.

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Crystal Dashboard

Crystal Dashboard is a free, open-source admin template built with Bootstrap, React, and Redux. This template looks very elegant, modern, stylish, creative, and professional. It gives you useful React components, interesting charts, nicely designed buttons, Google Maps, calendar, table, and so on. If you’re searching for an ideal admin dashboard template, look no further. Consider using Crystal Dashboard and it will save you a huge amount of time.

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Tabler React

Tabler React is a beautiful, free admin dashboard template developed with Bootstrap and React. This is a fantastic admin template that comes with creative designs. It has many useful features, components, and elements. It gives you charts, cards, forms, icons, gallery, and so on. Pages for login, register, profile, forgot passwords, RTL, email, etc. are available. Clicking the Preview button below will show you a nice preview of this template, and the Download / More info button will allow you to download it.

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This article gave you a list of 11 free great web templates built with React and Bootstrap. Download the one that you like the most from this list, and feel free to modify the template so that it looks better and that it meets your requirements.

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