A short research on Web Development Trends in 2022: Top 5

Technology is evolving continuously and people raise their expectations. Now, because most activities have shifted online, there is a greater pressure for developers and businesses to come up with new features and functionalities. Web design is an industry that will develop continuously along with technology. The more technological resources we have as humans, the more we will use them.

Every year is marked by different innovations and improvements (such as this stunning Uber Clone). However, some trends just emerge in a year and then continue to develop in the next one, as is the case with some of the web development trends for 2022.

1. Motion User Interface

Motion User Interface (UI) is not something new to the market. This trend has emerged back in 2018 but it continues to develop tremendously and gain momentum. More and more brands and companies acknowledge the importance of website aesthetics and they aim to incorporate motion UI in their website design. This is important and essential for many brands whose activities are based on their website, for example, shops. The more attractive and eye-candy your website is, the more potential it has to become viral.

Animations, beautiful transitions, and animated elements describe the new motion UI web design trend. And it becomes easier and easier to design them, as you can now use SAAS libraries with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, or React.

Image from Unsplash.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As technology is developing more and more, new or existing software products are invented or improved. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not new to the market. They seem to have been intertwined with our lives for quite some time now.

Companies and brands are taking a look at how they can integrate these in web design to make the lives of employees and users easier. YouTube is already using them to automatically add subtitles to videos, while other brands rely heavily on these technologies to make improvements to their websites.

Many student organization apps rely heavily on AI, as they can drive statistics from their activity and offer schedule suggestions based on this. Google has also integrated AI in its search engine and online platform to automate some of the tasks and searches. So, whenever you search for a writer to do my research paper and get help on time, know that AI and ML are making it function properly.

3. Voice Search

One of the trends that gained momentum in the last years is the one of personal assistants, as is the case of Alexa. More and more devices like this appear on the market with the single goal of making your life easier. It is expected that this trend will likely continue its rise, and by 2023 there will be over 8 billion digital voice assistants.

This is the trend that urges web development to incorporate voice search. People no longer want to spend the time typing the product they are looking for because the digital assistant can do this for them. The activities people have daily will become more and more burdensome, and this is one of the solutions. So, voice search is a web design trend that will likely grow and improve in the next few years too.

4. Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are not new to the market, yet they are gaining more momentum in 2022. As smartphones are more and more sophisticated, they begin to replace some devices. People are using their smartphones instead of laptops and are spending more time using them.

PWA is the trend that many website developers are looking to incorporate. This is because PWA is making the experience of your users more complete, as it makes your website look like an app. This means that you can re-create the app experience on the browser.

5. Cybersecurity

If there are more people online, hackers will try to find innovative ways to hack their accounts or your website. Cybersecurity becomes increasingly important and brands and companies are trying to offer their visitors a safe experience and protect their data.

This is why it’s important to assess your vulnerabilities and make sure that the employees have taken all the precautionary measures, such as encrypting data or using a VPN.



Every year is described by different web design trends, yet some of them develop and improve over the years. If you want to follow the latest trends, then you should know that cybersecurity is a matter of great importance. Motion UI, PWA, Voice Search, AI, and Machine Learning are some of the trends that will make your website more eye-candy and efficient.

Featured image from Unsplash.

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