10 Impactful Design Strategies For eCommerce Success

Global digital revenue in Q2 grew by an astonishing 71% from 2019 to 2020.  This isn’t due to just one metric, but several. Multiple eCommerce verticals experienced growth – traffic grew by 37%, conversions by 35% and spend rate by 34%. 

Pandemic-caused lockdowns across the globe in 2020 have had a huge impact on consumers’ online shopping behavior and many are wondering if this is the “new normal” that eCommerce websites will continue experience in the future. 

If so, how can retailers uplift their online stores to fulfil such a growing demand?  

Apart from product quality, trustworthiness and great customer service, website design is a crucial factor that helps convert potential clicks into transactions and encourage customers to come back. 

Read on to learn the best design strategies that can help you make your eCommerce website live up to its potential and exceed customer expectations. 


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