Simple System to Quickly Design a HTML5/CSS3 Responsive Templates

Isn’t it tedious and stressful to build from scratch a whole HTML5/CSS3 responsive template or showcase site?

Doesn’t designing a professional website template require long hours, days, weeks or even months of work?

Of course the answers to these questions are YES.

Unless one has never embarked on these adventures and known all the twists and turns that it entails.

But some will say why try to reinvent the wheel, why start all over again from scratch.

Today, there are basic models to build on and tools to automate one’s work.

They are right, but there is a small BUT.

When a client asks you to do a unique and custom job.


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Why to use BOOTSTRAP: 5 advantages of Bootstrap

Did you know that out of 10 websites on the web, at least 7 are designed with Bootstrap?

Did you know that in spite of the regular changes and rapid evolution of the world of web technology…

Bootstrap has held the number one position in front-end libraries for almost 10 years ?

Bootstrap is an Open Source project, a library that has been on the rise for several years now, and as the interest in it is growing, we can say that it still has many beautiful and long years ahead of it.

If you don’t use Bootstrap to create your web applications, you will discover in this article 5 advantages of Bootstrap…

Advantages that will encourage you to adopt it for the design of your next web applications.

And if you’re already a fan of the library, this article will strengthen your attachment to it.


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