The Louvre in Paris

Cool Things of the Week (Web Design Edition #1)

This is the first in a series of blog posts regarding cool things that happened this week and may be of interest to the web design community. Besides staying in touch with the news we have also thought of digging up some history. So every post will also feature a cool thing that has happened this week, only years ago. Today we feature the Louvre because on August 10th, 1793 Louvre palace officially opened in Paris as The Museum Central des Arts.

And here are the news and updates for this week, 2018:

  1. A guide for how you can learn to code front-end. Useful even if you are already a experienced developer. There are always things to learn.

Practice makes perfect.

2. This is our favourite resource discovered this week. The people at Tilda have created a very simple and beautiful guide that you can use to avoid common web design mistakes. A must-read for anyone doing design.

Web Design Mistakes


3. Are you struggling with Flexbox? This visual tutorial might be of help. Also the guide from CSS Tricks.

Flexbox Illustration


4. Looking for a fun project to get you started with Javascript and creating games this weekend? This video tutorial for recreating Tetris might catch your attention.


5. Let’s Encrypt is now officially trusted by all major root programs. This is an important step. Let’s encrypt has moved from a radical idea to an accepted standard.


6. This page from the BBC really surprised us. Their parallax overlays look great and are mobile-friendly.

BBC page with parallax


7. A new post by xkcd got pretty popular. We are all terrible at what we do.

Voting Software
Credit for picture:

8. And the New York Times has posted an interesting interactive infographic.

New York Times Infographic


Let us know if you found something interesting this week in the comments section below. Sharing is caring 🙂

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And by checking out CSS Tricks. And the historical facts of the week.

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