Everything You Need to Know About UX: 5 Essential Websites to Learn

User experience design has become the fundamental to digital and design in general. Mastering this skill will place you on the highest spot amongst different designers, right alongside development and coding design. However, to get to the point where you are a highly-paid UX design whizz, you need to study the tricks and trends of UX design to perfection.

The already close relationship between a designer and developer is moving even closer together. As a designer, you need to know everything there is to know about UX design and development, and vice versa. Knowing that the combination of graphic and UX design is so highly demanded, why not add the latter to your skillset to impress employers, too?

The Perks of Mastering UX Design

When it comes to UX design, creativity is a must. Technology and design are getting more and more complex in the back-end IT field, but there is solely one thing that always remains the same.

It is how the user feels about your website.

Both on desktop and mobile, UX design is the way to go. All your strategies will be in vain unless you know how to make the website appealing to the audience. Nowadays, a great developer is nothing without good UX design skills.

UX design is a way to improve user experience through creating an easy-to-use website and products people will love. To do this, you must find out why the users need the product, how they interact with it, do they enjoy interacting with the product, etc. All this information should help you adjust the UX design in the way that best suits and attracts them. Only then can your product truly look awesome.

Of course, you cannot fit a single design strategy to everything. UX design does not fit all – it can work for one person but completely fail the expectations of the other. But, learning about UX will help you determine the key approach toward the target audience. In return, this design should encourage interest and action on behalf of your users.

Best UX Websites You Can Learn From

You might want to forge a grand career in UX design or improve your already advanced web development skills. Whatever the reason, learning online is the most flexible and widely available way to enhance your skills. Learning at a preferred pace, at a small or no cost, and without people watching or knowing, is the perk every busy executive will enjoy.

To aid you in your search for quality learning, we have rounded up the most advanced and promising UX design courses. These should keep you updated on storyboards, user testing, wireframe and more. Basically, everything you need to know to raise above the competition can be found in these free and paid UX design websites.

  1. UX Tree

Some time ago, UX tree used to provide free courses for designers. Due to the increased popularity, the website started charging a very reasonable fee for their teaching services. This is the spot where grand experts in the UX design industry teach you how to design interactions and prototype applications that improve the experience of the users.

On this website, you can find a large collection of available courses such as ‘The Complete Guide to Usability Testing’, workshops such as ‘Design Thinking’, as well as some beginner courses like ‘UX Design for Beginners’.

If you are tired of reading dull content and too much theory, this is the perfect source for you. None of the courses on this website dwell on theory. To become a great designer, you need practice. This is exactly what you will encounter if you check out the courses on this website.

  1. UI Breakfast

On the UI Breakfast site, you can find a Productized Consulting Guide and a 1-Hour Audit that will aid you in improving the existing condition of your web apps. This is an excellent course, meaning that you can improve your knowledge of approaches that fix bad user experience on the Web. Getting one chapter is free of charge and the rest of the packages cost nothing compared to what you pay the UX design experts who work on your apps.

The audit is designed to detect the flaws in your apps and redesign them with more efficiency in mind. There are three separate modules that will each take 20 minutes of your time. Here are the topics they discuss:

  • Defining user experience strategy and key consideration.

  • Auditing usability checklist, main screens, UX challenges and web app components’ screens.

  • Structuring an effective plan for UX and UI improvement on a multi-level.

This is a rapid course that will help you master the basics of UX and UI. If you don’t have much time to spend on such courses, this fast-paced course is the greatest option for you.

  1. Springboard

Springboard has an excellent UX Design course that will keep you informed on the methods, frameworks and tools necessary for you to become a grand designer. This course has become so popular due to its detailed approach and speedy teaching that you might have to get on a waitlist before you even begin learning.

The Springboard course is made up of videos and reading materials discussing a number of subjects related to UX design. The content of the course includes:

  • Introduction to UX design

  • Design thinking and UCD

  • User persona development

  • Research methods

  • Mobile design

  • Usability analysis

  • Content strategies

  • Career resources

  • And much more.

  1. Hack Design

At its beginnings, Hack Design debuted as an e-mail course that lasted 52 weeks and focused on one topic per week. Right now, you can access each of the lessons right there on the website and learn effective tricks and aspects of design.

When you are done with the fifty free lessons on designing, you’ll surely want to get the paid version, too. Hack Design lets you study at your own pace and choose the lessons you are interested in. It is a great resource for improving your skills.

  1. The Gymnasium

The Gymnasium offers online courses for professionals who want to develop their digital and design skills further. This is a source that will provide you with everything you want to know from coding for designers, UX fundamentals, modern web design, etc.

Did you choose which website you will study from for your UX skill development? All these are excellent sources for your personal and professional development and will open up new roads for success in your future.


Joe McLean is an IT specialist at AssignmentMasters.org. He believes that the secret to great design is to keep track and improvise. Creativity is the core of Joe’s work, as well as the inspiration he gathers from constantly improving his great designs.