Day 3: Bootstrap 4 Flex Tutorial and Examples

Hey and welcome to the third day of Bootstrap 4 ☺️ Today we will learn about the Bootstrap 4 Flex. Flexbox is a new layout mode in CSS3. It describes ways to align and size elements. Understanding how the Bootstrap 4 flex works will help you align elements horizontally and vertically (to the left, center and right), size them according to their parent and tell them how to fill a row.

Bootstrap 4 has created classes around the CSS3 properties so you can use them with ease. Today we will go through them and create example scenarios. Aligning and sizing elements are crucial parts of front-end development. It is important to get them right before starting with the Bootstrap 4 elements and components. I have personally skipped the flexbox tutorial when I switched to Bootstrap 4. And I found I needed to learn about it very quickly (one the first day I started creating a webpage actually).


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