Migrate from Bootstrap 4 to version 5

Bootstrap has been an essential tool for web developers over the years and has maintained a high standard. One of the most significant advantages of Bootstrap is that it is relatively easy to use and understand. The effectiveness of a thing, especially in this technological universe, does not mean that it is ultimate and perfect, and therefore immune to improvement. Everything can be improved upon, and that’s why despite the brilliance of Bootstrap 4, there is an upgraded Bootstrap 5, which has better code qualities. Some of these are; expanded color palette, CSS variables, faster and almost independent JavaScript (JS) integration, better API, and redesigned form controls and additional custom properties.

Another cherry on the top of this pile of news is that Vanilla JavaScript will be used from now onwards in place of jQuery as Bootstrap had stopped further support and approval of Internet Explorer 10 and 11. Apart from this, the only noticeable difference between Bootstrap 4 and 5 is that the logo had changed. The change is a little tweaking of the B in the logo. This article focuses on the new features of Bootstrap 5 and how to migrate from version 4 by paying special attention to the changes in the functionality. And an operational guideline of both the new and the old-keeping in mind is that the article deals solely with the available alpha version that might have changed upon the beta version release. 


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