MyxDashboard - Responsive Admin Template

Allows you to create a single end product for use, by you or your client, which end users are not charged for.

MyxDashboard is a clean and elegant template suitable for any back-end application. Created using latest Bootstrap Framework.

It is intended to be lightweight and easy to use and customize.

Main Features

  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome Ready
  • Live Graph
  • jVector Map
  • Data Tables

Regular Updates

No need to worry about subscription or renewal fees. Once you buy a theme, you receive upgrades at no cost.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via my profile page. I am almost always available. Your queries will be answered within 48 hours. It much quicker most of the time.


Version 1.0

  • Initial release

Version 2.0

  • Bootstrap 3.3.1
  • Added Morris chart

Version 2.1

  • Bootstrap 3.3.4
  • Javascript code in index was moved to /js/index.js

Version 2.2

  • Bootstrap 3.3.5


  • Kirill Lebedev - jVectorMap
  • Ben Alman - Flot Chart
  • - Free Images
  • Font Awesome