Term Paper on A Linguistics Study of Advertisement

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Term Paper on A Linguistics Study of Advertisement

Language has a strong influence over the thinking of individuals and their behavior. This notion is notably correct in the profession of marketing and advertising. In advertising, language is considered as one of the most important tool. The use of language to deliver certain messages to the target audience with the intention of influencing their behavior and thinking is extremely important in this profession.

Although, the use of visual content and attractive designs help the advertisers to gain attention of the audience and these tools have a considerable level of influence on the consumer, but the importance of language in advertising cannot be ignored. Language helps the individuals in identifying a product or service and in memorizing it. While developing certain ads for the promotion of a product or service, the advertising personnel have to make a decision with respect to the use of language in the advertisements. They have to keep in mind the target audience, the nature of the product or service and the message that they want to deliver to the target audience. In addition to this, they have to consider the emotional influence of the words they are going to use in the advertisements. In this regard, they are required to decide as to what they are supposed to communicate and what to hold back. It is a common practice among the advertising professionals that they adapt the language according to their needs and develop some composite words and use them as adjectives. These composite words usually become a commonly used word in the everyday language. The most common them of an advertisement is based on the positive attributes of a product or service and an emphasis on the issue as to why a certain product or service should be used in comparison to some other products or services. (Forceville)

Those individuals, who are exposed to the advertising world in some direct or indirect manner, are usually tarnished supporters in their resistance to advertising. This immature populace of consumers believes that advertising is something immature, is composed of false promises and influences only a considerably large group of the less matured.

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