Crucial Tips for Safe Online Shopping

All say yes to shopping. It is everybody’s favorite business. But remember, it is all fun and games till someone gets hurt. Save your hurt with these crucial tips that are a must for safeguarding online shopping.  

While we wish you do not take a backseat when it comes to splurging a handsome amount on online shopping sites, you must know that the security is subject to credibility. We agree with the fact that online shopping has completely changed the face of retail. It is now easier than ever to swim through the eclectic collection. 

Instant transactions, returns, and quick discounts are like a cherry on top of a cake. Plus, when you have been given an official order of staying home in quarantine, online shopping takes up a special place in our hearts.  

Having said all that, there are cons where pros exist. Cybercrime has taken up a massive percent when it comes to threatening our security in a big way. However, we want you to follow a few precautions which will guide you below you fall into a pitfall. So, shop with confidence with the following tips:

  1. Go for Trusted Brands
  2. Login with Strong Passwords
  3. Double-check on the Security 
  4. Mobile Shopping 
  5. Grant your Computer an Anti-Virus
  6. Do not provide TMI
  7. Public Wi-Fi can be Tricky 

 Go for Trusted Brands

It is highly recommended that you start with a popular site that is known for its stellar reputation. Steer clear of the sites with a misspelled spelling or a different domain, say .net in place of .com. 

Also, avoid opting for the sites that fall on Google’s last pages and do not stand out in the first few SEO pages.

Additionally, go for the sites that can provide you stuff holistically. Say, Amazon. You can find each of your needs, from A to Z, on the site. This way, you can purchase all your requirements under one roof.  

Login with Strong Passwords

It is an excellent idea to change your passwords frequently. Also, refrain from using the same password on every online site you use, starting from Gmail to your online Nursery store. When you use the same password, you give away a key to the hackers to seamlessly perform their tasks. That is where the role of a strong password comes into force. 

Plan a password that has a formidable combination of alphanumeric, i.e., having both alphabets and numerical. If you can club a few signs and symbols like exclamation signs, question marks, etc. that can save you a good deal too. In simpler words, think of a password that cannot easily be hacked. A unique and strong password is a must when it comes to online shopping. 

Double-check on the Security 

Please take it as a given to refrain from those sites that do not have an inbuilt SSL (secure socket layer) in it. And how do you figure out whether a site has that or not? It is simple. Check whether the site has an HTTPS or HTTP. HTTPS is now a fixed standard security on most of the shopping as well as non-shopping websites. 

Google automatically flags a site as ‘not secured’ when it sees the extra S missing. That is where you must get yourself an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate brands like comodo SSL, GeoTrust SSL, Thawte SSL etc. shows your visitors that the website is trusted and has no issues when sharing your private information. 

Mobile Shopping 

Let us assume you are in a brick and mortar store, and the retailer gives you a choice to pay via swiping your card or paying it online, say from PayPal. If that is the case, it is wiser to choose the latter over the former. 

When you pay from a mobile payment app, it generates an OTP (one-time-password) that anyone cannot access. Further, it might also ask for a fingerprint touch or passcode that even strengthens the payment process from a mobile payment application. This almost completely cuts down the chances of anyone else being privy to the personal information that you provide. 

Grant your Computer an Anti-Virus

It is more than crucially essential to insulate your computer with a good antivirus program. A premium tool protects you from fighting the spam and clearing out the phishing attacks you may be unaware of. 

And when you are done with that, ensure you update it every once a while. Just buying an antivirus tool might not serve the purpose quite yet. Updating makes sure that the threats stay off the coast and give you the heads up on safe shopping. 

Do not provide TMI

TMI, or famously known as too much information, is a big red flag in the online shopping business. None of them need your birth dates and social security number to do transactions with you. When you see a shopping site asking you for more information than they should be asking for, run out of there.

All the information they demand from you is your payment credentials. Remember, the more information you provide, the easier it gets for them to hack your data. So, watch out and steer away from TMI.

Public Wi-Fi can be Tricky.

Shopping on a public Wi-Fi or public hotspot should be given a backseat. It looks tempting when they put up the free Wi-Fi sign, but do not just jump into it. Instead, what you may give a try is VPN. A virtual private network or VPN helps to encrypt the data between the server and the user.

Therefore, all the internet data you consume stays secured from the hacks, all the way. Further, it can efficiently hide your location and identity as well. They are constructed so that it does not divulge any of the data about the user readily. Hence, trust VPN if you wish to secure your data even better.

That is a Wrap 

You all love to shop online and get the stuff almost at half price; that is what you could have paid up in an offline retail store. But remember, where there are pros, there are cons as well. Security is a must when you are surfing online. Provide minimal information and ensure that you stick around to the given points above.

Better yet, look for the sites with an SSL certificate so that you do not have to worry anymore. They will take care of securing your transaction, whereas you should only take care of the shopping part. Go ahead and shop your heart out right away.

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