Pros and Cons of Using Logo Design Contests for Your Website Logo

Gone are the days when a business meant a physical establishment with staff and goods/commodities. Today, a good chunk of the businesses across the world are completely virtual, i.e. on the Internet. However, no online business can survive today’s competitive ecommerce industry without a unique and attractive logo. This is because a logo is much more than just an attractive piece of design- it’s the public face of a company and helps in building a unique brand. 

If you are thinking about designing a logo for your company or improving the one that you have already, then first of all, you need to pat your back for taking a step in the right direction. However, if you want the design through a logo design contest, then the following are the pros and cons of the process that you need to know first:


The following are some of the most prominent benefits of designing a logo through a logo design contest: 


If there is one thing that logo design contests excel at, it’s the variety in the designs that you get to see. These contests attract dozens of professional graphic designers and each one of them takes a different approach to your requirements. So, you have a large selection of attractive logos at your disposal and you pick the one that you like the most. 


When it comes to designing a logo, then visiting a proper graphics design studio or approaching a professional graphics designer can set you back by several hundred dollars. This is because their services are rather expensive. However, logo design contents are easy on the pocket. In fact, most platforms offer a selection of packages under which you get different kinds of benefits. For instance, a low-priced package may get you 10 different kinds of logos by different designers, and a high-end package may get you as many as 50 logos. This way, you can pick the package that fits your budget and requirements. 

A Human Touch

There are tons of graphic design tools on the Internet and you can use any one of them to design your logo yourself. However, there are two problems with this approach – you have to have some knowledge of graphics design, and designing a logo even if you have some knowledge, can take a lot of time compared to professionals. This problem is solved with a logo design contest as you don’t have to worry about generic designs that are common to low-quality logo designer tools, and you can have a human touch in the logo in a way that the design is able to convey the emotions that you are going for. There are also many professionals on logo contest platforms who understand the principles of flat design, typography, color combinations, etc. and they can deliver truly exceptional logos!


The following are some of the drawbacks of logo design contests that you need to know:

Poor Designs

Logo design contest platforms can get you a wide range of logos for a single design brief, sure. However, many platforms are also infamous for inexperienced or lazy designers that just want to make a quick buck. These designers may not want to spend a lot of time understanding your design brief and work with original concepts. The end result is that you get dull and uninspiring logos.

Cost Factor

There are many affordable logo design contest platforms on the Internet. However, you may not get the best designs there. On the other hand, premium platforms like DesignHill can charge you as much as $999 for launching a contest, and the lowest recommended package costs $399. Both of these prices are rather on the higher end.

Alternatives to Logo Design Contests

There aren’t a whole lot of options for logo designing other than design contests and finding freelancer designers yourself. However, there is one good option that you can consider. It’s using a top-notch logo maker, preferably one that uses advanced technology like artificial intelligence or machine learning. 

A logo maker allows you to create high-quality company logos in a matter of minutes. These programs are usually a lot cheaper than hosting a design contest, and you also get the final designs quickly. So, it’s better to be the creator of your company logo as you understand your vision more than everyone else. 

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