Frequently Asked Questions


We accept refunds if a purchased item is not as described or is faulty. To submit a refund request, please contact support and specify exactly what is wrong with the product. If the product is faulty or not as described, we will issue a refund.
We keep all of your purchased items within your account. Not only will this guarantee delivery of your item, it also makes it very easy to update your themes when authors release updates.
Yes. All of the themes listed for sale go through an extensive review process by our team. This ensures the highest quality standards for our buyers.
Theme authors retain the right to remove their items from BootstrapBay at any point in time. When this occurs, these items will no longer be made available for download. Always make sure to download your purchased items right away.


You can earn between 55%-70% per sale depending on your total sales volume. Please visit our payment rates for more info.
NO! We pride ourselves on being a developer and designer friendly marketplace and we do not penalize you for listing themes on other marketplaces or your own websites. We offer the same competitive payments rates whether or not you sell exclusively with us.
Payments are made via FastSpring. Please contact support if you are not yet registered with them.
Payouts are sent to the PayPal email address listed in your account settings.
Of course! You retain 100% of the rights for the items you sell on BootstrapBay. We are simply a marketplace and do not own any of the items listed on our site.
Sellers are not required to offer additional support to buyers unless there is a technical flaw with the item. Having said that, offering additional support to buyers is a great way to maintain a positive relationship with your customers.


Affiliates receive 10% commission on the referral of a sale.
You will be paid out as soon as your combined earnings reach at least $50. Payments are issued on the 15th (or next business day) of each month and are based on previous months' sales.
Payouts are sent to the PayPal email address listed in your account settings.
As a member, you will be given a unique identifier that can be added to the end of any BootstrapBay URL to generate an affiliate link. Log in to your account and click on "referral settings" to retrieve your identifier.
Cookies remain in the buyer's browser for 90 days regardless of how many items are purchased (or until the referred user deletes their cookies or is referred by someone else).
No. This is a strict violation of our affiliate program.
No. You cannot use your own referral URL to purchase items.