10 Websites to Search for UX Design Inspiration

When your content is ready to be published and you have already selected a platform to use, all that’s left is to hammer out your website design. But, the job of a website designer is not easy. You can know all the tricks about UX design, but still lack that the bit of inspiration necessary to create the excellent design you need.

In times when inspiration doesn’t seem to strike us and we are fighting a creativity block, we need a little boost, a push to get us ahead. Most of the time, you can find inspiration in engaging websites and resources that get that creativity flow running again.

If you are in need of such an inspiration, check out these 10 websites.

1.    MockPlus

Combining a selection of both UI and UX design resources, this is a very simple site to use to get some guidance. In addition to updates and designs, you will find guidelines, project managers and developers all in one place.

At this point, the site has reached a number of over 60 thousand subscribers who constantly check the latest updates. This site has become a very popular tool for creating interactive mockups on web, app and desktop, too.

2.    Smashing Magazine

Sharing a variety of styles and design types, SmashingMagazine just recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary online. For over a decade now, this site has provided thousands of designers with web design materials, business news, insightful tutorials, and tons of innovative ideas. This is an excellent resource where both developers and designers can find inspiration for UX and UI responsive web design.

3.    WebDesign Inspiration

This website has a unique goal – to help designers and entrepreneurs in finding inspiration. To achieve this, the site admin gathers the latest best web designs and presents them for everyone to see.

The sites you can find here are very diverse and you can choose between a variety of categories when looking around, including type, industry, or even color.

4.    CSS Nectar

Check out the gallery on CSS Nectar if you want to get inspired. This website does not only sort websites by feature, country, color, or categories; but also rates them with the help of the followers.

Every time you open the site, you will find the most popular website designs nominated for rating.  Only by checking these sites you can get an inspiration for your own website, and you can also select detailed features to narrow down the search.

5.    Template Monster

Template Monster is a site that sells designs, but don’t reject it just yet. Even if you don’t end up purchasing a ready design and still prefer to do your own, just looking at the options on this website will give you an idea for your site.

The templates sold here are of high quality, meaning that this is an excellent source of ideas on how to lay out your content and present in on the site. You can check the templates based on industry, platform, or features.

6.    Awwwards

Similar to CSS Nectar, this site also has an excellent rating system for the most popular web designs found worldwide. You can open Awwwards every day, and you will still find a fresh set of popular websites to look into.

Compared to CSS Nectar, on this site you can find analysis on the sites that are showcased. Users can also comment on these designs and reading such comments may also inspire you.

7.    siteInspire

SiteInspire gives you a variety of ways to filter the website designs. Choose between types, styles and subjects, or even platform. If you have a specific platform in mind, this feature should definitely aid you in finding what you need.

8.    Pinterest

Pinterest is without doubt one of the most popular inspiration websites out there. In combination with the excellent mobile app, this site has reached thousands of users throughout the year.

You are not only limited to UX design by using Pinterest. Since this is a website where anyone can share images, you can use the search option to find whatever you need to get some inspiration.

All it takes is to type ‘web design’ in the ‘explore’ link, and Pinterest will instantly filter the images you need to get some inspiration.

9.    Designspiration

Looking at several images all at once is very helpful, especially if you need to find a motivation boost in a limited time. Designspiration will give you access to beautiful photography, art, and illustration examples.

10.   Behance

Finally, Behance is the website you should open if you are searching for forms of inspiration. The galleries on this site include everything – starting from graphic design to advertising.

We all suffer from a creativity block at some point and having such a handy list of resources can help you break through and get some inspiration.

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