5 Challenges Facing Students in the Web Development Industry

Web development has been a fast-growing industry over the past decade. In most cases, web developers work as employees or contractors for creating web applications for organisations. Several techniques and skills, such as programming and interface design, are required. Web developers are also responsible for determining a website’s content together with implementing other tools such as links. However, many have not put into consideration some of the challenges students face while learning and putting into practice web development technologies. Different students may have different web development learning experiences. Also, most students often wonder about what are the major constituents of an outstanding modern website.

What Are the Common Challenges Web Developer students Face When Creating Websites and Web Applications?

There are challenges that a student trying to implement a program must address in the process of a web development project. This article addresses the challenges most learners face in coming up with modern web apps that satisfy the end user’s needs or meet their expectations.

Lack of a Clear Requirement Analysis Process

The final product after development requires well detailed and specific requirements of a project. Many often disagree on how the final product should look like and how it should operate. One of the major reasons for different opinions on the design and operation of the final web app is the cost. For instance, the overall cost of a project can change depending on the exclusion of a few minor requirements. This, in turn, can cause the generation of a bad choice of platform. All the requirements of a project should be well documented to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Also, a clear definition of requirements ensures the delivery and design of a favourable software or website.

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Choosing the Right Framework

There has been massive sprouting of new web application frameworks in the market. It is not easy for developers to keep up with these frameworks as they keep changing and increasing in number. This problem is mostly encountered by newbies in the industry, together with students. For organizations to keep maintaining top positions in competitions, the technologies they use should have the ability to keep time. This can be achieved through the use of frameworks that try to solve problems such as coding everything from scratch and covering some programming aspects to minimize the time taken to develop them. Some of these aspects include access to the database, authentication processes, and session management. However, the choice of framework to be used depends on the complexity and intended purpose of a web application or website. Simple display websites, for example, can be made without the need for any framework.

Security Threats

The fear of cyberattacks has been one of the most pressing issues most students fear when building websites and web applications. Every organisation using a website or a web app to offer its services has to face this common issue. Security issues should be considered through the process of web development. For instance, a student may be trying to implement a system that handles complex services such as confidential data pertaining to payment details. There are several aspects of security that each organisation should consider when handling cyber-crimes. Some of these include how safe is your organisation’s data, authentication, and regulation of access to databases, and denial of service attacks. Regardless of how a cyberattack is accomplished, an organization’s web services are increasingly vulnerable to attacks, which can cause malfunctioning of the systems and interfere with effective performance.

Lack of Scalability

Application scalability is the ability of an application to make use of available resources in increasing or even decreasing the capacity of the system. In the context of a business, web app scalability helps in maintaining customers while at the same time obtaining new ones. It can also be considered as the measure of how your organization will outperform your competitor. A newbie in the web development industry or even a student needs to have an understanding of how to maintain scalability in a web development project.

Determining the Appropriate Performance

The performance of a web application or a website must be at its maximum since it is proportional to the browsing speeds. The time a website takes to load should also be considered in case high traffic is expected online. Web developers, especially those that are new in the field, such as students, often forget to handle such problems. When putting a project into implementation, web developers should, at all times, think of how they can optimise website performance to avoid unnecessary glitches such as traffic spikes and unoptimised databases. Overall, the web development industry requires individuals who understand the challenges that they might encounter at work. They not only should know them but also have an understanding of how these challenges can be mitigated in a real-life environ

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