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7 Color Scheme Generators to Help Pick the Perfect Palette

Balancing color is important in all walks of life. Whether you’re decorating your house, choosing an outfit or even planning your wedding, you’re always trying to balance the right colors.

Web design is no different.

Choosing an appropriate color scheme is always a key consideration when building a website. There’s a reason why environmental websites almost always use a color palette with greens and other earth tones. The colors must match the brand.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be challenging to find that perfect color palette. For this reason, we’ve compile a list of the best color scheme generators on the web. These tools will make it much easier to establish the perfect color scheme for all your web designs.

Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is a great color wheel that is very easily manipulated in order to generate the color codes you’re looking for. The tool allows you to set different color rules to easily find complimentary colors to work with in your design.

If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect color scheme, click on ‘explore’ and browse some popular themes submitted by other users. You can also share your own palettes with the Kuler design community.

Color Scheme Designer

Color scheme designer is another great tool that works similarly to Kuler. Simply select a starting color then choose one of the color rules to get complimentary colors. You can then adjust the saturation and contrast of the entire palette. Finally, you can preview what the color scheme could potentially look like on a basic website.

Color by Hail Pixel

Color is a great tool due to it’s simplicity and ease of use. Color is generated by three different mouse movements. Right to left will change the hue, up and down will change the brightness and scrolling will change the saturation. Once you’re happy with a color, click the mouse and the color is saved.

Colour Code

Colour code is very similar to Color by Hail Pixel in that you also select a color using mouse movements. However, Colour Code also has the ability to generate color schemes using various harmony presets.

Once a color scheme is generated, you can modify the entire color scheme by using the same mouse movements. You can even download the color as .less which is very handy for developing themes and templates.

Copaso: Color Palette Software

Developed by the good people at ColourLovers, Copaso is an advanced color palette tool that helps you create the perfect color palette. In addition to the basic features of most color wheels, you can save, search, and publish color palettes. Another great feature is the ability to generate a color scheme from an uploaded photo which you can then modify further.

Mudcube Color Sphere

Mudcube is a great color wheel with a lot of built in presets. The tool features 10 harmony presets, 9 vision presets and 3 quantize presets. If you’re someone that needs some guidance and benefits from using presets, this is definitely a tool to consider.

Color Calculator

Color calculator is a basic color wheel where you select a main color, pick a harmony and results are displayed. The site also provides some information on choosing the right colors and how to adjust them.


That wraps up our list of the best color scheme generators on the web. We’re confident these will help you find the perfect color palette for your web designs.

If we left out one of your favorite color scheme generators, leave us a comment below.

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