Grace - Modern & Minimalistic UI Kit

Allows you to create a single end product for use, by you or your client, which end users are not charged for.


Grace is the modern and minimalistic UI Kit that will help you simplify your work. All components are flexible and easy to use. Create a beautiful and strong design for your new great project!

Grace UI Kit is built on top of Bootstrap 4. This makes starting a new project very simple. It also provides benefits if you are already working on a Bootstrap 4 project, you can import the Grace UI Kit style over it.

The kit includes 7 pages, each with its own unique elements. When building a page, your process will be like playing lego: you can browse through all the pages, pick the elements you need and copy and paste them to your page. You will also have a starter template to get you started faster. And, of course, every element in documented, so it will be pretty straight-forward to verify how everything works.

It also comes with two example pages:

Grace UI Kit uses 2 fonts that you can download or link to from the Google library:


For documentation please go here:

If you are looking for PSD and Sketch versions, you can find theme on Creative Market.