Lazy - Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

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Lazy Kit is a complete design system built on Bootstrap 4. It is created for all web makers that want to get a project off the ground quickly and neatly. It overwrites all Bootstrap 4 components and adds 2 more plugins. It also comes with 3 example pages.


Every component from the kit is documented. Check out the Lazy kit documentation to see live examples and explanations.


Lazy Kit comes with 3 examples that show you what you can build with it. * Register Page * Profile Page
* Landing Page


Lazy Kit is built on top of Bootstrap and uses the noUiSlider plugin and Font Awesome icons. You can see the documentation for them here: * Bootstrap 4 * noUiSlider by Léon Gersen (WTFPL License) * FontAwesome Icons

Issues and Technical Support

If you have found an issue please report it on Github, under Issues. If you have a technical questions or something it not working while you are trying to integrate the kit, please email us at [email protected]

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About the Theme
Product Version: 1.1
Bootstrap: 4.3.1
Browsers: chrome, firefox, safari, opera, ie11
Tags: ui kit, design system, bootstrap 4, lazy kit, scss, landing page, profile page, register page
Release Date: August 09, 2019
Last Update: August 26, 2019
Downloads: 376