Leonardo Pizzeria - Restaurant Template

Leonardo pizzeria is a modern responsive pizza theme. Great for the food related websites: pizzeria, restaurants, bakeries.

With bold images to show your food and html menu to present it in various devices from desktop to mobile phone.

With google map, working hours, contact form.

It has five pages: 1. home 2. about us 3. menu 4. news 5. contact us

Change log: Fixed menu bar Animate Smooth scroll Menu page updates Design updates Gif image is used as an example only

Change log: drop down menu, images effects on the home page, new menu page

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About the Theme
Product Version: 3.0
Bootstrap: 3.2.0
Browsers: chrome, firefox, safari, opera, ie11, ie10, ie9
Tags: pizzeria, food, restaurant. html menu, leonardo
Release Date: October 21, 2014
Last Update: February 02, 2016
Downloads: 33