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Persuasive Essay Prompts Must Be Open To Debates

The tutors usually provide a list of persuasive essay prompts to students so that they can start in the right manner to present their arguments in support of the essay thesis. However, it is essential that the students write on the topic which is well-known to them. Therefore the students should select those prompts and topics, which they can describe with confidence, as the art of writing any process essay lies essentially with the convincing power of the writer. Nevertheless, students can take any of the prompts listed below to write a complete essay on the chosen topic, while going through an analytical essay or a book review essay will also help them to write an excellent essay.

enter image description here School Authorities Should Allow Access To The Internet

For writing on this topic, students should conduct research on the use of computers and related technology along with internet and its benefits for the school students. In addition, after selecting this topic from the list of given persuasive essay prompts, the students should list the use of computers and various learning tools as well as software to highlight the advantages of learning through computers at school. Students may also be asked to write an essay in an hour to complete the work faster. However, getting the internet connection for every classroom would require more persuasion on behalf of the students. This would include arguments like the use of internet to gather more knowledge and information on the topic or subject that is being taught in a particular class.

Motivating A Friend For Social Work

This topic is going to help those students who would like to work for humanitarian causes and make it their career after finishing the academic program. Writing on similar prompts could give the students an idea on the work of social welfare organizations and NGOs that are active in this field. Getting information and data on the nature of work and the way it gives the mental joy and satisfaction can be easier by visiting non-profitable and reputed agencies that are doing such humanitarian work without any self-interest. Therefore the task would require convincing themselves for doing such voluntary work before motivating others to join. This may require giving up your off-time activities and leisure based hobbies. In fact, students can choose this from the given persuasive essay prompts for writing on the joy of volunteer work at the hospital. And students can go to resumethatworks for a help with essay

Persuading Parents To Allow You Join Sports

As most of the parents have a dream for their kids to pursue higher academic programs and attain excellence in the same, they would least prefer their children to take up any sports-based activity. Parents feel this to be a waste of time and major hindrance for academic learning. In addition, parents feel that any kind of sports activities simply diverts the attention of the students from their much-needed classroom learning activities. Hence, the students writing on this topic would require convincing their parents that any sports based activity is essential for the mental and physical growth of young adults. In addition, such activities also increase concentrating power. Students can also check out Customessayorder for finding more persuasive essay prompts.