About CodedThemes

What is CodedThemes?

At CodedThemes - We are offering high end Bootstrap admin template, site template, WordPress theme and lots of other digital products.

High Rated Products, Customer Satisfaction, Live Support are the key factors of CodedThemes.

Product Design and Developed by our Expert Team Members who having high end skills in different technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Material Design, Angular.

We are Pretty Good on Bootstrap 3 & 4, Google Material Design, Angular 2 & 4, Photoshop UI/UX

We have on demand Technical Support Agents who are quickly consider and solved any of our Customer's query.


Why Choose CodedThemes Product?

You can choose other product but wait!! Have you check CodedThemes is quite Good compare to others?

  • Lite Version of Every Product [i.e. try before purchase].
  • Flexible & Robust code style for your entire project development.
  • Easy reach Online Documentation.
  • More Demos - More Choices
  • Live Support, Ticket Support, Comment Support, Social Media Support.

Still choose other products?

What CodedThemes offering?

Below are the categories where codedthemes provides vast variety of products.

  • Premium Bootstrap Admin Template in Bootstrap v3.0 & v4.0 beta.
  • Site Templates
  • WordPress themes
  • Angular Admin Theme
  • Angular Site Templates

Quick Links

Below are the quick links of codedthemes

Support - http://codedthemes.com

Live Support - Comming Soon