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A decade ago, the procurement system was seen as a problem but not a lethal threat. Today, it is a bona fide threat to Canada’s security considering the changing nature of war By combining figures from Statistics, Canada’s Retail Trade Program with direct-to-consumer online sales from other non-retail industries (e.g. Wholesale Trade), we arrive at a slightly more complete picture of non-medical cannabis purchases and the proportion of online sales. That is to say that Monthly Retail Trade Survey sales figures may not equal the total purchases of cannabis consumers in a given province or territory, based on where and how those consumers choose to make their purchases. Statistics on the retail activity of wholesalers are produced only for the purpose of this paper. The sentiment is not confined to the realms of Reddit. Canadian government survey results released last month found that 40% of the country’s marijuana consumers admit to having obtained the drug illegally since legalisation.

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SIGN IN AND CHECK YOUR Bell MTS Email Pan Am Clinic is an operating division of Fourie Smith, the medical director of Dakota Medical Clinic, initiated the CannaWay Clinic Affiliate Program in Manitoba shortly after the legalization of recreational marijuana. The, Greenleaf Medical Clinic was founded in 2011 and has assessed over 80,000 patients across Canada for their eligibility into Health Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) program. We are committed to providing opportunities to engage with a supportive community through connection and conversation at our wellness lounges from coast-to-coast. Telemedicine With your prescription, you can travel anywhere in Canada with your medical cannabis. You may not take your medical cannabis with you on international trips at this time.