10+ Best App Templates of 2022

As an entrepreneur, developer or designer, you are already aware of how complex and tedious it is to develop a high-quality app for both web or mobile. It’s a process that’s extremely expensive, takes a very long time and it’s almost impossible to get right from the first try. That’s why we decided to put together a list of ready-to-use app templates for mobile and web, in the hope that they will make your life much easier.

In this list, we’ve compiled together the best app templates that we can find on the market, as 2022 year is approaching really quickly.

What Is An App Template?

Before we get started, let’s quickly note what an app template is and how it can allow you to ship your digital products faster.

An app template is a ready-to-use codebase that allows you to build your own mobile & web app much faster and at a fraction of the cost. These are pre-built apps, that follow a generic structure that is highly customizable, to save developers and designers time (months or years) and money (thousands of dollars).

While building a web app has been traditionally easy (developers are easy to find, the core technology stack is the same – HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc), building mobile apps is a level of magnitude harder. With the boom of smartphones and especially in this post-pandemic era, mobile apps are way more popular among users, as people don’t even use laptops anymore. So building a mobile app that’s compatible to both iOS and Android is a difficult task, especially if you take into consideration the advanced performance techniques that need to be implemented (and which was not a big problem for web apps).

So a mobile app template, preferably in companion to a web app template makes a lot of sense for those looking to make their own apps.

Let’s summarize the extremely important benefits of using an app template when bootstrapping your own mobile and web app:

  • Save years of development
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars
  • Get battle-tested performance out of the box
  • Scale to millions of users from day zero
  • No need to deal with recruiting, interviewing, hiring and firing developers, designers, product managers, etc.
  • High-quality codebase from day zero, implemented by seasoned software engineers
  • No need to hire 6-figure salary software engineers
  • No need to reinvent the wheel

The benefits are too many to be listed in this article, but keep in mind that their advantages compound exponentially over time. For example, you can use the saved budget for marketing purposes, therefore you maximize your app’s ability to succeed. Also, by launching one year faster, you gain a lot of momentum against your competition.

Alright, in the hope that the message is loud and clear, please use an app template next time you are thinking about build a web or mobile app from scratch. Use this list of the best app templates of 2022 as a starting point for your research.

Without further ado, let’s list the best web and mobile app templates of 2022, as we were able to identify them across the web. We kept a very high quality bar, so if a template made it to this list, it means it’s extremely beautiful, complete, performant, customizable and battle-tested. We preferred app templates that are fully functional (e.g. they have backend integration already), and app templates that can already be tested on the App Store or Google Play Store, so our readers can understand the value right from the beginning, without having to wonder whether the codebases will deliver on the promises.

1. Video Chat App Template

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We start the list of the best app templates of 2022 with this gorgeous video chat app template. Not only it has a clean and modern design, but the functionality of top-notch, being already integrated with WebRTC (for streaming) and Firebase backend, so it works end to end, exactly as pictured on the product page.

Video chatting, video & audio calling, video conferences, video lessons, telemedicine, live streaming, etc are all the new norm in the post-pandemic era, so chances are your app will need a video chat functionality if you want to stay in business.

Good news – you can add a video chat feature to your app with only a few lines of code, as this app template is highly modularized.

  • Main Features: video chatting, group calling, audio calls, push notifications, push kit integration, VoiP integration, locked screen calling, connection service integration, WebRTC support, Firebase backend, SMS authentication, typing indicators, online status, seen status, in-reply to support, delete message, photo & video messages, audio recorded messages, etc.
  • Technology Stack (Variant 1): React Native, Firebase, WebRTC, PushKit, Callkeep
  • Technology Stack (Variant 2): React Native, Firebase, Twilio, PushKit, Callkeep
  • Technology Stack (Variant 3): SwiftUI, Swift, Firebase, WebRTC, PushKit
  • Live Demos: App Store & Play Store
  • App Ideas: Zoom, Video Conference, Google Hangouts, Messenger, Facetime, Bluejeans, Whatsapp, Skype, Google Classrooms
  • Download Link 1: React Native Video Chat
  • Download Link 2: iOS Video Chat in Swift/SwiftUI

2. Dating App Template

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Dating is one of the most successful categories of apps on the App Store and Play Store. Finding dates within an app simply makes a lot of sense – you can filter by location / distance so easily, with the location services of a mobile phone.

Since dating app ideas are still very popular, with a lot of companies going public in this sector, we included this stunning iOS Dating App Template to the list of the best app templates of 2022. We tested the demos on the app stores and were not disappointed at all. It’s pretty crazy that you can build a fully fledged Tinder-like app for iOS by simply downloading this codebase. Of course, you don’t get the whole packages of features that Tinder as (Tinder is a multi-billion company after all, with an army of engineers), but you do get a fully fledged minimum viable product (MVP), which contains the core dating functionalities, and which can help you quickly test the market for your dating app idea.

  • Main Features: Swiping, Matching, Recommendations, Chatting, Push Notifications, Dating Profiles, Like / Dislike / Superlike, Dating Preferences, Blocking & Reporting
  • Technology Stack (Variant 1): React Native, Firebase (web, iOS and Android)
  • Technology Stack (Variant 2): Swift, Firebase (iOS only)
  • Technology Stack (Variant 3): Flutter, Firebase (web, iOS and Android)
  • Live Demos: iOS App Store & Google Play Store (React Native); App Store Demo (Swift)
  • App Ideas: Tinder, Bumble, Match, Grindr
  • Download Links: Dating App Template in React Native, iOS Dating Template in Swift

3. TikTok Clone App Template

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We cannot build a list of the most popular app templates of 2022, without including a TikTok-like app template. TikTok is the fastest growing app of all time, reaching 1B users in just a matter of few years.

The idea behind TikTok (short term addictive fun videos) can be applied in so many other areas and app ideas, that we are certain there’s a lot of interest out there from developers and tech entrepreneurs in building similar apps.

The TikTok app template of choice for us is this mind-blowing Flutter app template, that works on web, iOS and Android, from the same codebase. It is fully functional, already integrated with backend, and contains a list of features that made us instantly test their demos, since we couldn’t believe it.

  • Main Features: Interactive Video Composer, Video Player, Feed & Explore, Profile Feed, Song Picker, Video Editor, Chat, Push Notifications, Hashtags, SMS login, Search, etc.
  • Technology Stack (Variant 1): Flutter, Firebase
  • Technology Stack (Variant 2): React Native, Firebase
  • Live Demos: App Store & Play Store
  • App Ideas: TikTok clone, lip syncing apps, music apps, Tik Tok app for travelling, etc.
  • Download Links: TikTok Clone in React Native, Flutter TikTok Clone

4. UberEats-like Food Delivery App Template

One of the most popular online activities of 2022 is online food ordering and delivery. This market has seen tremendous growth, so the app store is getting invaded by food delivery apps. If you are one of the entrepreneurs looking to take advantage and profit from this trend, then you’d better use this app template in order to launch your app one year faster than everybody. Any local market needs at least one delivery app, so you are definitely not too late if you town does not have a UberEats, Doordash or Grubhub presence yet.

This mobile & web app template comes in two variants – Flutter and React Native. So it’s up to you which one you prefer, depending on your skills and your familiarity with the technologies.

The best part is that this app template contains in fact 4 different apps: the consumer food ordering app, the driver / delivery boy app, the restaurant manager app, and the admin management app. So you truly get to launch a fully fledged delivery business at an insignificant cost. This app theme can be adapted to so many real life scenarios, covering pretty much any use case you think of related to shipping and delivery.

  • Main Features: Shopping Cart, Multi-vendor, Categories, Search, Food Ordering, Checkout, Payments, Interactive Map Tracking, GPS Directions, Automatic Routes, Chat, Push Notifications, Restaurant Management Companion App, Admin Management, etc
  • Technology Stack (Variant 1): React Native, Firebase, Google Maps API, Stripe
  • Technology Stack (Variant 2): Flutter, Firebase, Google Maps API, Stripe
  • Technology Stack (Variant 3): Swift, Firebase, Google Maps API, Stripe
  • App Ideas: UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, Bolt Food, Yelp Eats, Instacart, Eaze
  • Download Links: UberEats Clone in React Native, Swift UberEats Clone, Flutter UberEats Clone

5. Crypto & Stocks Trading App Template

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We hope you enjoyed the wild run of the cryptocurrency and stock market this year. With the price of Ethereum and Bitcoin skyrocketing, and the cryptocurrencies going main stream, it makes sense for those passionate of DeFi to start launching as many businesses as possible in this space.

This finance app template is great news for those looking to build apps in the crypto space. It provides a beautiful UI & UX for wallets, transactions, trading, balances, etc. It features a few great charts to track your asset portfolio over time. It’s also built to accommodate real-time price changes, so hooking up any type of backend is very straightforward.

If you are crypto fan, passionate about decentralized finance, then you don’t need to know mobile app development anymore, as the front-end is already done for you via this app template. Focus on your DeFi backend stuff, make sure you come up with a great technology, and let the front-end of your wallet app be taken care of for you.

Even if you are not into crypto, the app template is so generic and customizable, that it can be applied to any app that’s about money – investment apps, bank apps, budget tracker, wealth management, etc.

  • Main Features: Buy & Sell Crypto, Buy & Sell Stocks, Portfolio Overview, Add Bank account, Transactions, Budget Tracker, Watchlist, Market News, Profile, Settings, etc
  • Tech Stack (Variant 1): Swift / UIKit
  • Tech Stack (Variant 2): React Native
  • Tech Stack (Variant 3): Flutter
  • App Ideas: Coinbase, Robinhood, Binance, KuKoin, Kraken, Gemini, Charles Schwab, Bank of America, Mint, etc.
  • Download Links: React Native Finance App Template, Swift App Template, Flutter Finance App Template

6. Taxi App Template

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On-demand economy is the present. Car hailing apps are the heart of the cities nowadays. No one likes to make phone calls to call a cab anymore. The best part is the car sharing industry is applicable at the local level, so basically any town and city can have their own taxi apps. Which is good news for entrepreneurs and developers looking to start a new business in this sector.

We were able to find this gem of a taxi app template, that comes with all the needed functionalities to help get your cab booking app business off the ground in no time. It has apps for both the driver side as well as the passenger side. The idea is exactly like Uber or Lyft – the rider requests a ride by setting up the destination and pick up location, the algorithm looks to match them with an available driver, and the driver is able to accept new requests and honor them. Everything is tracked real time, on an interactive map.

This used to cost north of $100,000 to implement at a basic level. But now, you can get it almost for free with an amazing app template.

  • Main Features: Booking a Ride, Driver Dispatch, Destination & Pickup Location Interative Picker, Google Maps API Integration, Accept / Reject Ride, Price Calculation, SMS Auth, Profile, Settings, Chat, Push Notifications, etc.
  • Tech Stack: React Native, Firebase, Google Directions API, Stripe Payments
  • App Ideas: Uber, Lyft, Bolt, Grub, Didi
  • Download Links: React Native Taxi App

7. Instagram-like App Template

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We’ve already discussed TikTok on a previous section in this article on the top app templates of 2022, but we cannot miss the opportunity to plug in a clone of its competitor – Instagram. If you are looking to build a social network that’s more similar to Instagram, with a following-like social graph, with stories & feed, and with gorgeous photo filters that make anyone look stunning, then this web & mobile app template is the perfect way to start.

The demos on the App Stores really impressed us – the app is quick, fast, snappy. Filters are perfect, they work instantly and we can tell they are really hard to implement. Adding photo filters alone will probably take you more than one month of work. So use this app template wisely, and don’t reinvent the wheel.

  • Main Features: Feed, Ephemeral Stories, Explore, Photo Filters, Geolocation, Hashtags, Search, Social Graph, Profile, Settings, Chat, Push Notifications, etc.
  • Tech Stack (Variant 1): React Native, Firebase
  • Tech Stack (Variant 2): Swift, SwiftUI, Firebase
  • App Ideas: Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, tbh, Cocoon, Honeycomb, etc.
  • Download Links: Instagram Clone in React Native, iOS Instagram Clone

8. Shopping App Template

stunning app template

The explosive growth of shopping platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce had determined us to look into native shopping app templates for iOS and Android. We found this perfect shopping app template that can be integrated with any e-commerce backend platform, including Firebase, Shopify or WooCommerce.

The app template is fully functional end-to-end, supporting even real payments at check out (by leveraging Stripe).

So now you can launch an e-commerce app to the App Store and Google Play Store in just a matter of days, without spending too much money. The alternative would be to hire a developer to reinvent the wheel for you, but we know that money might be more wisely spent somewhere else (marketing, wink wink).

  • Main Features: Browse Products, Featured Products, Add to Cart, Edit Cart, Payments, Checkout, Order History, Login, Registration, Search, etc.
  • Tech Stack (Variant 1): React Native, Firebase, Stripe
  • Tech Stack (Variant 2): React Native, Shopify, Stripe
  • Tech Stack (Variant 3): React Native, WooCommerce, Stripe
  • Tech Stack (Variant 4): Swift, Firebase, Stripe
  • Tech Stack (Variant 5): Swift, Shopify, Stripe
  • Tech Stack (Variant 6): Swift, WooCommerce, Stripe
  • Tech Stack (Variant 7): Flutter, Firebase, Stripe
  • Download Links: React Native Shopping App Templates, Swift iOS Ecommerce Templates, Flutter Ecommerce Template

9. Chat App Template

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We’ve already outlined the importance of having a video chat in your app, but it’s equally critical that your web and mobile apps support a chat feature. It can be used for a number of scenarios, such as customer support, feedback collection or simply for your users to chat between each other.

Fortunately, the best app templates of 2022 cover us on this front as well. We present you the most complete and performant chat app template that you can find on the market. You can integrate it into any mobile app with only a few lines of code. The best part? It’s built on Firebase, so there’s no need for you to pay a monthly fee, like in the case where you are using a 3rd party chatting platform. You also get the full source code, not just a limited SDK, so you can go crazy with the modifications you want and need.

  • Main Features: Real-time chat, Group chats, Text Messages, Photo Messages, File Attachments, Video Messages, Audio Recorded Messages, Online Status Indicator, Typing Indicator, Seen Status, In-reply To, Unread Indicator, Delete Message, Login & Registration, Social Graph, User Search, Push Notifications, etc.
  • Tech Stack (Variant 1): React Native, Firebase
  • Tech Stack (Variant 2): Flutter, Firebase
  • Tech Stack (Variant 3): Swift / SwiftUI, Firebase
  • App Ideas: Messenger, Facetime, Discord, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Download Links: React Native Chat App, Flutter Chat App, iOS Chat App.

10. Fitness App Template

Mobile phones and smart watches are great additions to someone’s health tracking tools. They allow you to track everything, from sleep to exercising intensity. If you are looking to build a fitness app or a health app, you will definitely need a very attractive UI, that’s suitable for fitness, and that supports a wide variety of beautiful charts.

This is why we handpicked this fitness app template for you. Its UI is incomparable to the alternatives, and demo apps completely convinced us that the starter kit has a place on the list of the best app templates on the market.

  • Main Features: Goal Tracking, Steps Goal, Water Drinking Goal, Calorie Tracking, Meal Tracking, Share to Friend, In App Purchases, Social Networking, Onboarding, Profile, Settings, etc.
  • Tech Stack (Variant 1): React Native
  • Tech Stack (Variant 2): Flutter
  • Tech Stack (Variant 3): SwiftUI
  • Download Links: iOS Fitness App, React Native Fitness App, Flutter Fitness App

11. Facebook-like App Template

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We already talked about TikTok and Instagram, but what about their older and wiser brother, Facebook? If you are looking to innovate the friends & family social networking space (maybe decentralize it, wink wink), then you’d probably want to focus on what makes your app unique, rather than reinventing the wheel for tedious and boring tasks, such as video compression or fast video uploads. Great news – this app template already provides the infrastructure for you to build a highly scalable social network, by taking away from you the hard work of making the app scalable, fast and snappy.

It contains a ton of advanced performance techniques, such as video & photo compression, progressive JPEGs, HLS streaming, etc. This stuff can only be implemented by top 1% of developers, so don’t take it lightly.

  • Main Features: Feed, Ephemeral Stories, Friendships, Search, Hashtags, Geolocation / Checkin, Photo & Video Posts, Comments, Reactions / Likes, Profiles, Settings, Chat, Push Notifications, User Blocking and Reporting, Login and Registration, etc.
  • Tech Stack (Variant 1): React Native, Firebase
  • Tech Stack (Variant 2): Flutter, Firebase
  • Tech Stack (Variant 3): Swift, Firebase
  • Download Links: Facebook Clone in React Native, iOS Social Network in Swift, Flutter Social Network

This is the list of the best app templates of 2022, as we see it, at the time of writing. We hope you can see the tremendous value that these app templates provide, and you will definitely consider using one of these if it makes sense for your app idea and business.

Keep in mind that building mobile apps is extremely challenging and making them fast is a job for top-notch developers, as performance plays a huge role on mobile phones (networking, data usage, battery life, CPU and memory constraints – these things didn’t exist on web). All these app templates have been coded under the guidance of extremely seasoned developers, with experience in FAANG companies, so it’s really hard to find this level of quality. Not to mention, really expensive.

We hope you found this article on the top web and mobile app templates useful, and please consider helping us by spreading the word with your community.

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