Bootstrap Examples #19 - Chiris

Bootstrap Examples – Top 20

If you are just starting to learn Bootstrap, we have created a series of tutorials called 14 Days of Bootstrap 4 that can help you.


Browse through these excellent Bootstrap examples and get inspiration for your own Bootstrap design strategy. Remember that a good design is user-oriented, honest, long-lasting, aesthetic and functional.

Before we dive into the 20 examples, let’s check some of the best practices when you start designing:

  1. Think about conversion
  2. Check typography and white spaces
  3. Add less, not more
  4. Have fun but stay pragmatic
  5. Always check trends in your industry

Moving further, the Bootstrap examples gallery I’m going to share with you is curated by Creative-Tim.

20 Bootstrap Examples

1. Laissez

Bootstrap Examples #1 - Laisez
Laissez allows your slack team members to pitch ideas, review them and invest in the best ones.

2. CoreHQ Games

Bootstrap Example #2 - CoreHQ Gaming
Want to have some fun playing some games that don’t exist anywhere else? You’ve come to the right place.

3. Conectiva Consultoria

Bootstrap Examples #3 - Conectiva
People are part of the technology.

4. Apps Events

Bootstrap Examples #4 App Events
AppsEvents run G Suite (formerly Google Apps) bootcamps and summits for educators, leaders and administrators all around the world.

5. Clean Fox

Bootstrap Example #5 - CleanFox
Working on big problems with simple solutions.



Bootstrap Examples #6 - Billy
Billy is an online platform to manage your bills, renewals and subscriptions and plan ahead without the pain of remembering everything.

7. Osmey

Bootstrap Examples #8 - Osmey
A rental of products with a single, versatile and functional design.

8. Red Door IT

Bootstrap Examples #8 - Red Door
Red Door IT is a tightly-knit team of designers, developers, technologists, writers, makers, coders, technicians, and strategists.

9. Eoykos

Bootstrap Examples #9 - Eoykos
They are EOYKOS, the Group of Six.

10. Emiel Koomen UI/ UX Designer

Bootstrap Examples #10 - Emiel
Emiel is a designer from Enkhuizen in the Netherlands. He has worked for online and offline projects, magazines, books, branding, websites, apps.

11. Craft Bicycle

Bootstrap Examples #11 - Craft
Craft Bicycle is a small company who want to change the way you think about riding a bike, by giving you the best quality products.

12. Bean & Bear Media

Bootstrap Examples #12 - Bean
Bean & Bear Media is a full-service media and marketing agency.

13. Numergent

Bootstrap Examples #13 - Numergent
Numergent is a consultancy run by Ricardo J. Méndez.

14. Miltton Labs

Bootstrap Examples #14 - Miltton
They are born digital, born global and born design.

15. Bonus Point

Bootstrap Examples #15
Bonus Point aims to provide teachers with an easy way to track bonus points or other forms of in-class currency for their students.

16. Alexander Fritz

Bootstrap Examples #16 - Alexander
Alexander designs user journeys, develops mobile apps and defines new customer propositions.

17. The Bowmen of Harrow

Bootstrap Examples #17 - Bowman
They are serving the needs of archery in Harrow, Middlesex and London.

18. Holded

Bootstrap Examples #18 - Holded
Online accounting software for businesses. Easy invoicing and accounting cloud software.

19. Chris Durkin

Bootstrap Examples #19 - Chiris
With plans to release new music in early 2017, Chris is sure to become a familiar face in the electronic music scene.

20. Well in My Back Yard

Bootstrap Examples #20 - Well
WIMBY helps you find all of the 250,000+ abandoned oil & gas wells in Canada, color-coded for easy identification.

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