Cool Things of the Week (Web Design Edition #10)

Fun fact in history this week: On the 18th of October, 1697 Giovanni Canaletto was born in Venice. He is an Italian painter and printmaker, best know for his “Regatta on the Grand Canal” painting (which you can see as the featured image for this blog post).

Here are the news and updates for this week, 2018:

  • The highly popular PHP 5.x branch will stop receiving security updates at the end of the year. This meand around 62 percent of all Internet sites will run an unsupported PHP version. You can read more about it here.

  • Twilio acquired email API platform SendGrid for $2 billion in stock. The move makes sense since both platforms are looking to make communication easier for developers. We are hoping this will not mean SendGrid cuts out the free tier accounts, like Mandrill.
  • GitHub has an annual game challenge. At the beginning of November they announce a theme for creating a game and during the rest of the month people can create games based on that theme. We’re loolking forward to seeing what gets built this year!


  • We might have it better than we think. This article describes 4 things developers take for granted that used to be really hard.


  • If you are bootstrapped this list of free design resources handpicked by @HarowitzBlack might come in handy. You can easily sort and find something you are missing in your project.


  • You can create organic looking shapes using just border radius. Using only old and simple CSS to achieve something so complex is amazing. You can read the tutorial here.

  • Whenever you are building an app, you should make sure you check for text accesibility. Contraste is a free app that allows you to quickly know if a combination of colors, for a text and a background, passes accessibility thresholds defined by the W3C.
  • Himalaya Singh created an useful CodePen with toggles (on-off switches) only with CSS. Check it out here.


The resources featured in this blog post are the result of us browsing some interesting parts of the internet. You can get connected and updated by subscribing to these sub-reddits:

And by checking out CSS Tricks. And the historical facts of the week.

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