Jumbotron Bootstrap Tutorial

Bootstrap Jumbotron Tutorial

In this post, I will present to you the Jumbotron and Jumbotron-Fluid, which are new components in Bootstrap 4 Beta. As the name suggests (jumbo+tron), the Jumbotron class can increase the size of headings and add margins for the content displayed on a landing page Jumbotron.

Jumbotron shows a big box that highlights some special information or content.

To get a jumbotron of full width, and without rounded corners use the .jumbotron class outside all .container classes and instead add a .container within, as shown in the following example −

Tip: Inside a jumbotron, you can put nearly any valid HTML, including other Bootstrap 4 Beta elements/classes.

Use a <div> element with a class to create your.jumbotron. You have 2 types of Jumbotron in Bootstrap 4 Beta:


1. Jumbotron

The code snippet:


Jumbotron Bootstrap 4 preview

2. Jumbotron Fluid

The Code


Jumbotron Fluid Bootstrap

See it in action here.

Code Explained.

  • Create a <div> that acts as a .container.
  • Inside this <div> create another <div> with the class of .jumbotron.
  • Next, add HTML headings to see the Jumbotron effect using the .jumbotron class.
  • After we execute this HTML code, we can clearly observe that in addition to a larger <h1> heading, the font-weight has been reduced to 200px.


In this blog post, we discussed the jumbotron class feature that is available in Bootstrap 4 Beta along with various examples which cover full simple, rounded corners and fluid aspects of Jumbotron.

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